Kathrin OLGA WEISER was born in 1985 near Cologne, Germany.

From 2005 till 2009 she studied fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, Netherlands. Her final exam – the collection INSOMNIA – was presented at a Fashionshow in the context of Fashionclash in Maastricht.

Since her graduation in 2009 she works as an employed fashion designer at a design office in Cologne that works for a leading fashion garments manufacturer and exporter in China. There she collected a lot of practical experience, especially in commercial production, trend analysis and correspondence with industrial brands.

The independent label OLGA WEISER was founded in 2012. It distances itself considerately and consciously from mass production.

OLGA WEISER unites her passion of illustrating with fashion without being constricted by fixed patterns and styles. Irrationality and autonomy form the artistic source of the working process. The focus of her experimental work is on spontaneity and dynamic inspiration. Its core lies in bringing imageries to life by combining digital print with high-quality fabrics and classic cuts.

Rarity. Individuality. Abnormality. Surreality.

Exceptional but wearable. This uniqueness makes every piece tell a story.

Her new collection GIFT (Poison) is produced in and around Cologne, Germany.

It manages the balancing act between wearable bright summer pieces and an ambivalent charisma, that points to something more profound. It broaches the issue of ambiguity and contradiction.